Wear sunscreen daily (from face to chest, and hands) and wear a hat.Never forget the hat. And remember sunscreen only lasts for 2 hours, so don’t think applying it in the morning is sufficient for afternoon sun exposure. However, vitamin D is vitally important to your health, so be sure to get at least 10 mins sun exposure daily, in the early morning or late evening.

Exfoliate at least twice a week. This removes dead skin, leaving your skin looking smooth and bright. It also allows better absorption of the products used.

Your twice daily cleansing routine should include your neck (front and sides), around your ears and upper chest. People tend to forget about these areas and it really does show. And ageing also shows easily on your hands so remember to give them tlc as well.

Apply moisturiser by spreading it over fingertips and patting it onto your skin, not smearing it in. This makes a huge difference. I don’t know why. Just try it and you’ll see.

Don’t push pimples and blackheads! You can permanently scar your skin, and even if you think you can’t see any scarring now it can often become visible as you age, so don’t think it’s not there. If you absolutely must relieve pressure on one learn how to do it properly by steaming the area first and gently making an opening, if slight pressure is not enough to do the trick do not force it. It do however recommended you rather go to aaesthetician for extractions. An imperfection now is better than scarring forever.

Go for monthly facials. No matter how expensive or high quality your products are there is absolutely no substitution for a facial. With all the toxins we are exposed to daily a deep cleanse on a regular basis is essential. House of Perfection in Randburg is incredible and comes with the highest recommendations. And remember, if you spend money on good skin treatment you won’t need to spend it on make up. (and their prices are completely reasonable as well) http://www.houseofperfection.co.za/

When applying eye cream (never applying to your eyelids) use your ring finger and gently dab the product on. This is assuming you want to minimise fine lines. I, for one, find laugh lines beautiful and look forward to the day I have.

rub my morning teabag over my face for extra toning and anti-ageing benefits. Green tea, rooibos and horsetail are my favourites for this. Also, after squeezing my morning lemon juice I rub the lemon over my skin and leave to dry. It is whitening, anti-ageing and astringent (and takes basically no extra time to do).

I use a micro-fiber mitt instead of a cleanser and it works amazingly. It even removes mascara! And because you are not using any harsh cleanser your ph balance remains, well, balanced. When the mitt gets old I use it to apply my toner, that way minimising my cotton use (or I use a sterile gauze, which also uses less product and slightly exfoliates), or I fill it with Bath Soak, tie it closed and use as a creamy body scrub.

Sterilise all face cloths, sponges, brushes and make up applicators at least once a week. I also dip them in a bowl of water with a drop of tea tree oil afterwards to give it a slight anti-bacterialfilm.


How to tie the drawstrings on the organza bags : It can be very frustrating if you have to struggle to unknot the bags, especially after a relaxing bath. So I’ve found a way that makes it easy to untie while remaining firm enough when tied to not loosen by itself. So when you tie a knot you first intertwine the two sides together, then pull tight, then bend each side back and intertwine them again and pull tight. Are you with me? So to tie the bag, pull the drawstring closed, intertwine the two strings together, pull tight, then turn over the bag and repeat, so you’ll again intertwine the two strings together and pull tight. And that’s it. It will stay together when it should and come apart when it should. (please let me know if this does not make sense and I will post it as a series of images)