Toner (50ml)


It is essential to use a toner after cleansing your face, as cleansers are naturally alkaline, but the skin prefers to be slightly acidic. So a toner will restore your skin’s acid mantle, minimise pore size and refresh the skin. This toner has the added benefit of rosewater which is softening, lightening and astringent. It also contains argan oil which is excellent for scarring, anti-ageing, inflammation, rich in Vitamin A and E and omega 6, it’s packed with anti-oxidants and it’s moisturising.

This product is vegan.

It has been recommended to wash your face only once a day, but to tone twice. I prefer to wash and tone at night, and rinse my face with water in the morning (then exercise. Don’t forget that exercise is an indispensable step of your beauty routine ) then tone again. It is best to apply toner with swabs or gauze (or both) as opposed to just spritzing it on as this will wipe away any soap residue or additional dirt. Spritzing directly will also cause it to go over your sensitive eye are, which is not ideal. Wipe the swabs in an upward direction. This feels completely unnatural and takes a bit of getting used to, but really does make a difference and won’t encourage sagging older skin like a downward stroke will do. If you would like me to stock reusable hemp & bamboo blend, reusable disks please let me know (email me here, or via the messaging system in the right hand column).

And really allow yourself the time to just pamper yourself, and acknowledge that this is the youngest you’ll ever be, and celebrate that. I promise it makes a difference, by day three of being mindful during my beauty routine I see a drastic difference to my skin. Even light a candle if you want to make it special and to remind yourself of your intention.

Shake bottle before use.

Rose geranium hydrosol*, Lavender hydrosol*, Raw unfiltered Apple cider vinegar*, Rosewater concentrate, Pomegranate oil, Argan oil* and Rose oil.

Please read How To Use in the main menu for further tips, tricks and advice on how to get the most our of your beauty routine and increasing the rate at which your skin condition improves.