Glide (30ml)

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This decadent chocolate lube was inspired by a friend that said “have you ever had c**k that tastes like chocolate? You can’t get enough of it!” It is heat sensitive and therefore will melt with body heat. Great care has been taken to keep it solid in summer yet not too hard in winter, but ambient temperatures will always fluctuate so please allow for variation in consistency. Only a small amount is needed as it doesn’t dry up and therefore multiple applications aren’t usually necessary. It offers great glide with a just a enough traction. It doesn’t irritatingly get into all the folds where you don’t want it, but rather stays where it needs to be. It also has the added benefit of containing coconut oil and will therefore will work on candida and other infections. It holds up well in the shower and is great for backdoor play.

Use the back of your nail to scrape some out, then apply to clitoris. If you use your fingertip to remove it from the container you may not get enough out.

Please note that because this is a temperature sensitive product it will be harder in winter and softer in summer. I have done the best I can to have it solid at room temperature while melting easily with body heat, but if the room temperature drops ‘unusually’ low for a short period (like our brief winters) then it will become harder. Which is easily fixed with a little body heat 🙂

Should the texture not be completely smooth (this sometimes happens if it heats up slightly during delivery) then simply place in a bowl of warm water until it melts, stir and place in the fridge to let it set.

Cold-pressed Coconut oil*, Shea butter*, Cacao butter*, Beeswax, Fair-trade Cacao powder* and Vitamin E oil.

It should not be used with latex condoms, but is safe for silicone.

This product is Beegan