When I was a child I read a quote “If you wouldn’t put it on your mouth, don’t put it on your face”. This struck a chord with me and is the underlying philosophy of Organic Machine.

 I started making products when I was 10 years old. My mother taught me my very first product,which is now the base for Midnight Bloom, one of my best sellers.

I then bought books on herbalism and aromatherapy and began experimenting some more. This came in handy when I hit puberty and my skin needed all the help it could get. Seeing the amazing results I got from them I started selling some at my belly dance classes when I was 15. After school I did a course in massage and aromatherapy which added greatly to my knowledge. In my mid-twenties I made an exceptional scrub (now the base of Decadent Delight) that I passed to a friend saying, “You won’t believe how amazing this is. It’s like sex for your skin!” She passed it on to her mother, who then passed it on to a friend, and so on.

One day my husband said “You’re really good at this.” “Yes, it seems so.” I replied. “And people are really loving it.” “Absolutely!” I said. “So, why don’t you do something with it?” And so, in 2012, Organic Machine was born.

I spent the next 3 years doing research and development and going through many many versions of packaging and labels, until October 2015, when I was finally satisfied, I launched Organic Machine publicly. Organic Machine was an instant hit, and very early on taken on by Weleda, with Julie even saying “In my position I try every product available and have sampled Solal and Esse and everything in between, and I have never experienced anything as sensational at Midnight Bloom. I want it on the shelves tomorrow!”

Much love and meticulous attention to detail goes into every product. If you have any recommendations regarding improving my business in anyway please do let me know at megan@organicmachine.co.za.